Send free SMS across India (Short Message Service)

Every now and then we need to send sms with the help of internet due to some urgency. We all know that Sms service is badly hit because of modern day applications or apps. but there are still many users who do not use smartphones because of which at least here in India we need to send sms.

There are several websites on the internet which provide this service for free. There are many websites which even pay you to send sms via their platform. isn’t it good to be paid for sending sms. for e.g pays you for every msg sent. There are many websites like this who give different offers to their users. So Choose yours. And free sms is all we need, right.

List of some Popular websites

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 Send free SMS across India (Short Message Service)

Ruchir Sharma

I am a website developer who develops websites in almost every popular cms platform. I currently live in Noida and doing b-tech in IT. Other than this I like music, I party hard and at the same time, privacy is dear to me!